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Moroccan Argan Oil-Bergamot Geranium (2oz)

Moroccan Argan Oil-Bergamot Geranium (2oz)

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Face- Body-Hair
Often referred to as "liquid gold" Argan Oil is an amazing beauty and health product for the whole body. Rich in Vitamin E, proteins, and essential fatty acids Argan Oil helps fight lines, repair imperfections, minimize scars & stretch marks all while restoring texture elasticity and tone. Easily absorbes into your skin giving a radiant, fresh, dewy glow which keeps you looking young and beautiful from head to toe. A true skin and hair super food imported from Southern Morocco.
Directions: For skin warm the oil in the palm of your hands and massage onto your face, neck, body and anywhere that needs extra hydration. Smooth oil under eyes for intense moisture. 
For hair apply a small amount to clean, towel dried hair from roots to ends. 
100% Pure, Cold Pressed, Unrefined 
Ingredients: Organic Agran Oil, Essential Oils
Size: Net wt. 2 fl oz (59ml)