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Splash Soap Company General Questions:

Where are your products made?
Our products are proudly handmade in the beautiful Florida Keys, USA.  
Do you do animal testing on any of your products?
No as a company, we do not believe in animal testing of any of our products or ingredients used in making them. We purchase all of our ingredients from suppliers that abide by the same principle. 
What is the difference between your soap and the soap I can purchase at my local supermarket?
The soap you buy at your local supermarket isn't actually soap at all. In fact real soap is a glycerin rich, super moisturizing product that is produced when the natural oils we use come together with our lye solution (this is called saponification). Commercial soap companies remove the precious glycerin and sell it as a prized by product to high end cosmetic companies. Commercial soaps are full of chemical additives that not only dry out your skin but can leave to rashes and other irritations. Commercial soap is rather a synthetic detergent, and while that may be great for your dishes it is terrible for your skin. 
Does your soap contain lye (sodium hydroxide)?
All soap including Splash soap, are made using lye. In a properly produced soap, lye is a raw ingredient used to make the soap, but the lye doesn't exist in the final product. There is a huge difference between between "made with lye" and "containing lye" No lye.....No soap!
Does your soap contain glycerin?
Yes! Glycerin is a natural part of the vegetable oils we use to make our soaps. 
How long does a bar of handmade soap last?
This will vary based on usage. Our soaps cure for a minimum of 4 weeks in order to bring you a nice, hard bar of soap. This helps the bar to last a long time in the shower and not "melt" away. Kept dry between uses your soap will last a long time. All handcrafted soaps should be stored on a well-ventilated soap saver or soap dish placed in a area of the shower that receives minimal spray. 
How should I store my soap in between uses?
Let your soap dry out between uses, by placing your soap on a dish with drainage. You can also use a soap saver to further extend the soap's lather.
Are your soaps safe for babies?
Splash Soaps are exceptionally mild and safe for babies however they are not tear free so it's important to to be very careful and make sure that the soap does not get in your babies eyes. Most tear free formulations on the market use some kind of synthetic numbing agent. We have chosen to keep our soaps free of any such chemical additives. 

For babies we especially recommend our Unscented Natural Soap as their skin can be sensitive to the essential oils or fragrances used in our scented soaps.

Can I wash my pet with your soaps?
Yes, Splash soaps are wonderful for washing pets, especially dogs. For cats you have to be a little more careful. Many essential oils can be toxic to cats, especially tea tree, lavender and peppermint oils. So for cats your best bet is to use one of our Unscented varieties. 
Are your product nut free?
Most of our products are nut free. However we recommend you review the ingredient list before using any of Splash Soap company products. We always encourage customers who have extreme allergies to consult a doctor. 
Research has shown that shea, cocoa and coconut are not the same as nut oils-they are not part of the tree-or ground-nut families. 
Do your products contain palm oil?
We use palm oil in some of our products. Palm oil we use is sustainably sourced without impact on native forests that are being destroyed for their cultivation of palm trees.Our manufacturer is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil), an organization that supports the sustainable sourcing of palm oil without destroying native forests and habitats.
Are your products Vegan?
Most of your products are vegan. There are a few exceptions-Goat's Milk Soap and Bug Off Lotion Stick which has beeswax. 
Are your products natural?
Splash Soap Company uses many ingredients that are organic, natural or naturally derived, and we use some (safe!) synthetic ingredients too.